Project Management Unit

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1-Spreading the culture of progress for competitive projects. 2- Developing skills in the field of project work. 3- Expanding financing alternatives for projects at the local, national and international levels. 4- Monitoring and evaluating the performance of projects. 5- Governing management in a climate of quality and accreditation.


The Project Management Unit is committed to providing technical support towards applying for projects, as well as supervising implementation and evaluating the performance of existing projects.


The Project Management Unit at Sohag University seeks to occupy a distinguished position among its counterparts in Egyptian universities to support development projects at the university on the basis of quality and excellence, which contributes to the development of the educational and research process at the university.


The development of higher education is one of the basic requirements that the state tends to take care of by preparing and developing its human resources to carry out the burdens of comprehensive national development and interact with the data and challenges of the age.

The efforts resulted in the development of the strategic plan for the comprehensive development of the higher education system in Egypt until the year 2017, in February 2000. To this end, the Supreme Council of Universities issued its session No. 405 In 12/14/2002 and its session No. 406 on 8/2/2003 the general framework for managing Implementation of higher education development projects.

Prof. Minister of Higher Education issued Ministerial Decision No. 300 dated 13/3/2003 establishing the Higher Education Development Projects Management Unit in the Ministry.

 And based on the recommendations of the first meeting of the Board of Directors of the Development Projects Implementation Unit at the Ministry of Higher Education .

Which was held on Saturday, corresponding to 6/7/2003, it was decided that each university of the Arab Republic of Egypt should have a unit to manage development projects, and it was agreed that there should be a fixed structure within the organizational structure of the university.

Chairmen of the Board of Directors of the Project Management Unit since the establishment of the unit

Prof Ahmed Aziz Abd elMinim

Prof Mohamed Sayed Ibrahim

Prof Mustafa Kamal

Prof Abd Almateen Moussa

Prof  Ahmed  Hussanein

Training courses


Human development and computer courses for project management unit workers

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassanein


A training course on “Self-Assessment for Higher Education Institutions” – The National Authority for Accreditation – Sohag University – 2009 by the National Authority for Education Quality Assurance and Accreditation.


A training course on “External Evaluation of Higher Education Institutions” by the National Authority for Accreditation – Sohag University – 2009 by the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation.

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Quality Management

The quality system is managed in the project management unit on several main axes:

Project focus

1- Reviewing and evaluating the unit for projects before progress:


To review and evaluate project proposals before submitting, taking into account the technical and financial suitability, in light of the goals and resources of Sohag University.

B- Tools:

Reviewing proposals, required implementation plans, and implementation schedules through membe…. see more

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