Program Budget and Performance Center

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Sohag University Council, headed by Prof. Ahmed Aziz, former university president, agreed in its 156th session of May 2020 to establish the “Program Budget and Performance Center, a unit of a special nature.

He also explained that the center is the first of its kind to be established in Egyptian universities and government institutions, and aims to provide an integrated system for financial and administrative planning to achieve optimal use of available resources. In the past, the approval of financial budgets was based on traditional items, and now it is now based on the actual programs and needs of the faculties in order to achieve several goals.


1/ Supporting the preparation of the university’s financial budgets in light of the new direction of the Ministries of Finance, Planning and Administrative Reform.

2/ Linking budget programs to performance indicators and maximizing transparency and participation of directors of various departments in setting these budgets.

3/ Reducing waste of resources and maximizing their use in light of the state’s general directions, the government’s program, and Egypt’s Vision 2030.

4/ Making education available to all without discrimination.

5/ Improving the quality of the educational system in line with international systems, improving the competitiveness of education systems and outcomes.

6/ Determine the entrepreneurship and professional development skills that are desired to be integrated into the practical and general skills and mental competencies in each course

7/ Preparing a staff member’s guide to explain the activities related to achieving entrepreneurship skills in academic courses.


President of Sohag University:Prof Hassan Al  Nomani

Center Director: Prof Ahmed Al-Khatib, professor at faculty of Science and quality expert.

Secretary General of the University: Accountant Ashraf El Qadi.

Director General of Accounts and Budget: Mr. Effat Helmy


The Program Balancing and Performance Center includes a number of committees, including:

* A committee to study the current situation and assess the university’s strategic needs.

* Executive planning and follow-up committee for programs and projects.

* Committee for preparing the annual program and performance budget.

* Overall performance evaluation committee for the annual program budget.

* Technical and advisory committee.


The importance of discussing determining the faculties’ budget needs for programs and projects.

This will take place during the next five years, from 2022 to 2027, within the framework of the sustainable development plan and Egypt’s Vision 2030, and the implementation of the program of the government, the Ministry of Higher Education, and the university.

The faculties’ deans were also recommended to develop an executive plan for each faculty separately to be worked on during the next five years, taking into account the economic, social, and environmental dimensions.

Completing the physical and human infrastructure of quality assurance units in the faculties.

– Activating procedures to hold individuals accountable and motivate individuals regarding the completion of quality assurance processes in light of the standards issued by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation, with regard to institutional management, teaching and learning processes, and scientific research, such as (annual reports of colleges – annual report of the educational program – electronic book)

– Increasing the efficiency of the quality assurance system in the educational programs and academic operations within the university’s annual budget.

-Supporting the executive actions and recommendations that resulted from the workshops in cooperation with the professional development and development centers, the Taikoo Unit, and the university’s Entrepreneurship Club on entrepreneurship, professional development, and scientific skills.

– Preparing a special course about entrepreneurship and professional development, provided that it is part of the university’s compulsory requirements and is taught in the first year at the college level.

– Training a group of staff members to act as facilitators and monitors for students during the implementation of activities related to entrepreneurship skills and small projects

– Expanding the provision of a number of business sponsers and small projects to enable students and graduates at the university to create job opportunities.

– Working to establish an entrepreneurship center that aims to create investment opportunities to develop the university’s own resources and support field training operations for students of various educational programs.


Developing an executive work plan to prepare the annual budget and provide community services and contributions on the basis that the university is a beacon of culture and a house of expertise for community institutions.

It is worth noting that the university president assigned the deans of faculties to fill out a form to inventory the needs of each college during the next year in light of the needs and priorities. 

 Prof. Ahmed Al-Khatib, Director of the Center, indicated that the conditions for financing the project depend on several considerations, including:

First: The extent to which the project’s outputs contribute to achieving Egypt’s Vision 2030 and improving the quality of the faculty’s current situation.

Second: Contribute effectively to achieving the strategic objectives of the government program.

Third: The project cost is based on a real feasibility study.

Fourth: Operating programs include constructing new buildings, creating programs, developing teaching and learning strategies, and programs to attract foreign students

 A panel discussion about mechanisms to encourage and motivate the administrative structure

Honoring 78 trainees for passing the training program for the Program Balancing and Performance Course at Sohag University

Sohag University organizes an awareness-raising meeting about balancing programs and performance

An introductory seminar about performance indicators and preparing program budgets

The President of Sohag University witnesses the activities of a workshop to motivate the administrative apparatus

The student’s interest and supporting the educational process are at the table of the new programs at Sohag Arts


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