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Blind students are a productive community group and capable of rehabilitating themselves.The university administration provides all aspects of financial and moral support to all students, as well as providing them with full care to qualify them to participate in various distinguished activities and programs for the blind.

Head of the Center: Professor /President of the University

Executive Director: Professor. Imad Al-Sawineh (Adviser to the University President for People with Disabilities Affairs)

 Deputy Director of the Center: Dr. Salma Abdel Moneim

Founder of the Center: Dr. Mustafa Zayed, founder of the Centre

 Responsible for the file of people with disabilities in the governorate: Mr. Muhammad Abu Al-Ajab

Trainers of the center: Dr. Shadia Ahmed Mustafa, Mr. Muhammad Abu Talib, and Mr. Shihab El-Din Jamil 

-Overcoming their visual disability and approaching life with confidence and optimism.

– Encourage them to use the white cane as a means of moving freely and moving everywhere.

– Spreading awareness of the rights of blind people and discussing the social isolation to which they are exposed.

– Spreading awareness and education about the rights of people with visual disabilities to practice their daily lives.

1/ Providing all aspects of support, care and assistance to students with various disabilities at the university.

2/ Accommodating the increase in the number of students wishing to train on computers

3/ The center is responsible for providing training courses about digital transformation for all blind people in the Egyptian universities

4/ It contributes to providing students with new skills and knowledge about the systems and basics of digital transformation, which enables them to enter the labor market and integrate them with other segments of society.

First, Courses:

– Digital transformation courses

– Courses to train new students to write on the computer.

– A course on how to use modern technology in scientific research, targeting postgraduate students with visual impairment in all Egyptian universities.

– Implementing courses on psychological and educational support for students with various disabilities

-Working to organize a training course on orientation and movement skills and the use of a white cane, and another to teach sign language and Braille.


Secondly, activities:


Religious activities (memorizing the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet).

Cultural activities (general information competitions)

Sports activities (training students in swimming, javelin throwing, weight lifting, running, and bell ball for students with visual impairments)


It contains 40 computers that can record courses and taking exams.

Nour Al-Basira Center at Sohag University organizes a Ramadan competition in memorizing the Holy Qur’an and the Noble Hadith for students with disabilities

 Nour Al-Basira Center at Sohag University is organizing a religious and cultural competition for students with disabilities in memorizing the Holy Qur’an, the Noble Hadith, and general information, on Wednesday, April 5, at the center’s headquarters on the old university campus.

Prof. Imad Al-Sunaie, Director of the Center, explained that the religious competition in memorizing the Holy Qur’an takes place in six levels.

 The first level is memorizing the entire Qur’an, the second is memorizing 20 parts, the third level is memorizing half of the Qur’an, the fourth level is memorizing a quarter of the Qur’an, and the fifth level includes memorizing three parts, and the sixth (Juz Amma) is for children under the age of twelve, adding that the religious competition in memorizing the Noble Hadith includes memorizing the Forty Nuwawiyya, and the cultural competition in general information in various fields.

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