Center of Mediterranean Civilization

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The center seeks to become a distinguished and pioneering center in its academic research and cultural fields

The Center aims to preserve and maintain national identity and work to highlight it.

 This is done by adhering to and taking pride in the ancient civilizational history of the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

The Center is keen on confronting contemporary neo-colonial challenges through knowing the cultural heritage.

  • Spreading cultural and cognitive awareness in the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

  • Providing solutions to contemporary social and environmental problems through organizing scientific and educational conferences and seminars.

  • Providing solid scientific cultural research and studies to governmental and non-governmental agencies upon request.

  • Providing a serious database about the civilizations of the Mediterranean countries.

  • Providing publications and introductory materials about cultural models and behaviors that must be emulated and adhered to.

Believing in the seriousness of what is happening in the world in terms of conflict and fighting, and pushing the peoples of countries with ancient civilizations to quarrel and fight among themselves, and the attempt of major powers to enter those countries and invade them militarily or culturally with the intention of controlling them, overthrowing their history, and plundering the treasures of their ancient civilizations and their archaeological evidence.

 All of this has produced the idea of ​​establishing a unit of a special nature called: “The Center for Mediterranean Civilizations,” which will be (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, and Spain). The focus of his interests.

 This center will try to be a treasury or container for evidence and the cultural history of these countries through scientific studies and research that will come to the center through serious researchers.

Prof. Karim Musleh Saleh

 Former Dean of Faculty of Arts, Sohag University… Chairman

Prof. Muhammad Tawfiq

 Dean of faculty of Arts


Prof. Salah Al-Sayed Abdel-Hay

 Professor at faculty of Arts

Executive Director

Prof. Gamal Ahmed Taha

 Staff member at faculty of Arts


 Mr. Sayed Badawi Ahmed

 Director of the university’s private funds


 Prof. Sayed Muhammad Omar

 Professor of History at Faculty of Arts,

 Alexandria University   Member

 Dr. Zahi Hawass

 The former Minister of Antiquities


Organizing scientific conferences and seminars

Courses in the languages of Mediterranean


Publishing scientific research in the center’s journal

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