General Administration of Administrative Affairs

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The General Administration of Administrative Affairs looks forward to achieve leadership and excellence in providing internal and external services and attracting the best resources for the university in particular and for society in general.


 The administration seeks to fulfill efficiency and excellence in the performance of all internal and external services provided to all beneficiaries with quality, transparency and fairness among the beneficiaries, with the use of technology in all processes and tasks that belong to the beneficiaries, and keenness on human elements and high-quality systems with companies inside and outside the university, which contributes to the academic process and national development


Develop a system for development, improvement and continuous excellence in the internal and external services and put a mechanism to measure the efficiency of the services provided to qualify and develop human resources in the administration


The General Administration of Administrative Affairs provides services to all categories of the university and its affiliates, which are:

It has the secretarial and archives department, which plays a major role in delivering and receiving all incoming and outgoing correspondence and interests from and to departments, colleges and institutes of the university and express mail.

* It has the Department of Gardens, which would make the university appear in a proper appearance in terms of planting and maintaining green spaces and producing the necessary plants to replace the damaged ones.

This is the Department of Headquarters Affairs, which will lead to the university campus as a whole and work on holding the university’s events in an appropriate manner, as the Suez Canal Hall is considered as the best choice for VIP visitors, as well as celebration ceremonies in the university halls and the university campus in its faculties, taking into account that it is in the best image because it enhances the university’s image.

The Department of Public Affairs, which would manage internal services through coordination between departments to provide all internal and external services required for all university members, and follow up on all problems facing the automotive Department, including maintenance, development procedures, and regularity of work.

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