The President ‘s Office

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The general administration for the affairs of the university president’s office includes the following:

  • Follow-up Department.
  • Citizens Service Department.
  • Central Statistics Department.
  • Department of the Secretary of the President of the University.
  • First: Director of the University President’s Office: Mr. Ahmed Atef Abdel Rahman

The main specializations of the office of the president of the university:-

Supervising the administrative offices of the General Administration of the University President’s Office.

Studying and presenting the topics that are received by the General Administration of the President’s Office.

Taking the necessary measures towards implementing what the president of the university indicates

Organizing interviews for the university president

Carrying out various incoming, outgoing and archiving works related to public administration topics.

Means of Communication

Tel: 4611920/ 093

Fax: 4605745 /093

Email: :

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