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The Education and Student Affairs Sector looks forward to serving students by providing a distinguished educational process and student activities capable of graduating a distinguished successful generation that serves our country.  The Sector includes the following departments (General Administration of Youth Welfare – General Administration of Student Affairs – Administration University cities – book center).


The sector aspires to be a center for the civilized and the cultural radiation and to get its place on the universal map as a model of the university which gives the education opportunities on the national and local levels. The university also aspires to perform its effective role, in the enlightenment, renaissance and the Lasting development through the programs, the scientific researches and the participation, in solving the society and the environment.


The sector seeks to achieve the following goals:

  1.  Assuring that the university is an experience house through the direct communication with the investors and studying the problems which face them.
  2. Understanding the environmental problems and presenting the scientific solutions
    Mointering the social phenomena to present the visions
  3. The comprehensive awareness of the environmental dangers, disasters and epidemics.
    Establishing some centers as the unities of special nature
  4. Searching for the mechanics to survive the local industries such as the natural silk and support it and communicate with the non governmental organizations and cooperate with them to present the social services



  1. Providing distinguished lectures and academic programs for students.
  2. Follow up the educational process from the beginning of the academic year to the end
  3. Providing student activities in various fields.
  4. Providing, as much as possible, nutrition and food for a number of expatriate students.
  5. Educating students about the useful in all fields of life.


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