About the Sector

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About sector


“Sohag University is able to be a competitive organization in the field of community service, sustainability and entrepreneurship through community partnership, according to the international standards.”


“The community service sector is committed to participate in developing the university works system in accordance with comprehensive quality standards, so that the university becomes an expertise house that provides innovative development services at competitive levels that meet the community needs, and contribute in achieving a distinguished university ranking.”


Launching a sustainable and efficient partnership with the global community.

Strategic Objectives

 1. Consolidating relationships with the global governmental and non-governmental community organizations and authorities

2. Creating new scientific and sustainable methods that endorse the development of these relationships with that organizations and authorities

3. Marketing the university services at a wide scale from the local level to the global one.

 Work Fields

1.  Efforts to confront covid-19 pandemic.

2.  Human medical convoys.

3.  Veterinary convoys and seminars.

4.  Nursing convoys

.5.  Agricultural convoys and guidance- seminars.

6.  Literacy and adult education.

7.  Egyptian Industrial Initiative.

8.  Confronting the problem of drug abuse and addiction.

9. Combating terrorism and ideological and religious extremism.

10. Monitoring community problems.

11. Psychological guidance.

12. Other areas.

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