The president of the university meets a student delegation from Canada and Serbia

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The president of the university meets a student delegation from Canada and Serbia

Prof. Mustafa Abdel-Khaleq, acting the president of the University, held a meeting with the student delegation coming from the Republics of Canada and Serbia, within the framework of the student exchange program of the Egyptian Federation for Students of Faculty of Pharmacy, at the University Council Hall in the old campus.

In the presence of Prof. Magdy El-Qadi, acting the dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Mahmoud El-Amir, the supervisor of the office of the Egyptian Federation of Pharmacy Students, Parviz Sedragi, a Canadian student, Ogine Iftik, a Serbian student, Nada Ahmed Aziz, Mohamed Zagloul Abdel-Ghani , students in the fifth year of the faculty, and Walid Mohamed Eltaher, head of the Egyptian Federation office for students faculty of Pharmacy

Dr. Mustafa Abdel-Khaleq said that the meeting reviewed a set of research activities presented by the student delegation coming from Canada and Serbia,

with the aim of exchanging practical and training experiences with college students, and contacting other cultures to expand their human perceptions.

Dr. Magdy El-Kady said that the training program for international students includes visits to the Institute of Oncology in Sohag within the next couples of weeks, in addition to conducting research activities within the laboratories of the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Department of Clinical Pharmacy at the university.