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The sector of the head of the university

The workers at the general authority of the administration and organization

The general manger of the authority and organization

Work methods and organization department:
It holds the following responsibilities and specializations:

1- Studying the plan organization of the administrative unit and preparing the studies and presenting the suggestions which lead to the good organization.
2- Expressing the technical opinion in the projects of the establishment, or editing them or canceling them, of the new units.
3- Taking the executive procedures.
4-Conducting the studies which are necessary for simplifying the procedures, templates, registers and the planning , so as to achieve the promoting in the authority.
5-Conducting the studies which related to the performance rates, accounting job curricula and studying the needs of the employment.
6-Preparing and publishing the authority work guidance.
7-Keeping all the organization documents such as the organizing curricula and instructions for the authorities and the units at the university.
8-Preparing the periodical reports which belong to the organiezing situation.

Job arrangement and the man power planning department which performs the following specializations:

1- Preparing the system of job arrangement on the basis of its duties, responsibilities and qualifications.
2- Supervising the procedures of executing the system of job arrangement.
3- Pursuing the preparation and the evaluation of the jobs at the unities.
4- Doing registers for the job budgets and matching them with worker affairs and the budget administrations.
5- Participating in preparing the budget project.
6- Preparing recommendations for the development of the organization and the rules of rewards.
7- Supposing what should be specialized for the jobs regarding the numbers and the category.
8- Accounting and registering the workers and keeping their data.
9- Accounting the workers at the university, their numbers and levels, and assigning the university need of the employment.
Training department and it performs the following specializations and responsibilities.
1- Assigning and classifying the training needs of the workers.
2- Studying and analyzing the worker efficiency reports to acknowledge their training needs.
3- Connecting with the different training authorities internally and externally and exchanging the experiences, researches, Statics and studies.
4- Reporting the training programs and spreading the training awareness through the seminars.
5- Making a plan for distributing the training rewards with taking care of the justice and opportunities equality between the workers.
Pursuing the trainees' works through getting a copy from their managers' report about the benefit which they got from the training.
7- Executing the training programs which the university holds and pursuing the evaluation of the training programs.