The sector of environment development and society service

Firstly: Environment development and society service council

Secondly: Mission and Vision

Thirdly: unities of the special nature

Fourthly: The sector activities

Fifthly: The medical convoys

Sixthly: referendums and opinion polls

Seventhly: agreements and cooperation protocols

Eighthly: The conferences

Ninthly: The issues

Tenthly: Means of communication

Firstly: Environment development and society service council


1 Prof Dr Osman el-Maghraby Vice president of the university for Environment development and society service
2 Prof Dr Ahmed Aziz Abd el-Minim The deputy of faculty of science
3 Prof Dr Youssef Abd el-Saboor The deputy of faculty of industrial education
4 Prof Dr Mahroos Mahmoud Mahroos The deputy of faculty of education
5 Prof Dr Abd el-Nasser Mohamed Hassan Yaseen The deputy of faculty of arts
6 Prof Dr Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed Salam The deputy of faculty of agriculture
7 Prof Dr Tarek Mahmoud Abu el-Ezz The deputy of faculty of nursing
8 Prof Dr Mohamed Tharwat el-Hewayg The deputy of faculty of medicine
9 Prof Dr Gamal Abu Zayed  The deputy of faculty of engineering
10 Prof Dr Alaa Zain el-Abedeen The dean of faculty of veterinary
11 Prof Dr Safa Mahmoud Essayed The dean of faculty of commerce
12 Prof Dr Galal Ahmed Rezk el-Sherbyny Representative of faculty of agriculture
13 Prof Dr Mustafa Kamal Mustafa Representative of faculty of science
14 Prof Dr And el-Raouf Ahmed el-Dabii Representative of faculty of arts
15 Prof Dr Hosam Abd el-Mutaleb Mazen Representative of faculty of education

Secondly the mission and the vision:

1-The vision

The university aspires to be a center for the civilized and the cultural radiation and to get its place on the universal map as a model of the university which gives the education opportunities on the national and local levels.

The university also aspires to perform its effective role, in the enlightenment, renaissance and the Lasting development through the programs, the scientific researches and the participation, in solving the society and the environment

The vision:

The university seeks to achieve the following goals:

1- Assuring that the university is an experience house through the direct communication with the investors and studying the problems which face them.

2- Understanding the environmental problems and presenting the scientific solutions

3-Mointering the social phenomena to present the visions

4- The comprehensive awareness of the environmental dangers, disasters and epidemics.

5-Establishing some centers as the unities of special nature

6-Searching for the mechanics to survive the local industries such as the natural silk and support it and communicate with the non governmental organizations and cooperate with them to present the social services

7- Facilitating the medical and the environmental convoys to help the unable and spread the environmental and the healthy awareness

8-Issuing the an international scientific magazine which cares about the environmental issues

9-Holding the international conferences to study the environmental problems and extracting its ways of treating them.

Thirdly: the unities of the special nature:

N The name of the unit
1 The center of the engineering consultations
2 The center of marketing the university service at faculty of science
3 The center of genetic engineering
4 The center of the accurate analyses at faculty of science
 5 The center of experiments and the agricultural researches at faculty of agriculture
6 The unit of mushroom researches
7 center of noor el-Baseera for helping the blind students
8  The center of reparation and monuments researches and studies
9 The social studies center
10 The center of the media researches and studies
11  The center of reparation and monuments researches and studies
12 The center of the general service for the English language
13 The center of the general service for cars and means of transport
14 The center of the general service for the psychological clinic
15 The center of the general service for the communication network and information center
16 The center of publishing and distributing the university book
17 The center of Sohag press
18 The unit of production workshop
19 The statistical  and the commercial lab
20 The center of the general service for the psychological guidance
21  The unit of the staff members treatment 
22 The unit of the service improvement at the hospital

Fourthly: the activities of the sector

1-The environmental awareness seminars


  The name of the seminar The date of its execution
1 The role of the plasma applications lab in serving the society at faculty of science 28/9/2011
2 seminar about the food customs in the Egyptian society  12/10/2011
3 The seminar of the nuclear energy in Egypt in the past , in the present and in the future ,in cooperation with the nuclear stations authority 7/3/2012
4 The seminar of the water , the sanitary drainage and the societal responsibility to keep the water source 7/5/2012
5 A seminar about the epidemics of the thin corn at faculty of agriculture 17/5/2012
6 The seminar of promoting the animal wealth at faculty of agriculture 25/5/2012
7 the seminar of the foot and mouth at faculty of agriculture 10/3/2012
8 an awareness for the farmers at faculty of agriculture 18/10/2012
9 A Seminar about the election awareness at faculty of arts 10/12/2011
10 A seminar about the martyr Abd el-Minim Riyadh at faculty of arts 15/3/2012
11 A Seminar about the psychology and the environment issues at faculty of education 2/4/2012
12 A seminar about the environmental awareness and the effects and how to keep the heritage at faculty of arts 2/4/2012
13 A seminar about the environment geography in the Nubian cities at faculty of arts 26/4/2012
14 The student conference around the contemporary issues in translation 25/3/2012
15 The first media for the mass communication departments at upper Egypt at faculty of arts 24-25/3/2012
16 The seminar of the healthy food at faculty of nursing 20/2/2012
17 The seminar of the time management at faculty of nursing 11/3/2012
18 The seminar of the personal cleaning at the hostel of faculty of nursing 20/5/20

2- Workshops and training courses

  The workshop Date of execution
1 The participation of the civil society in developing the educational and the institutional capacity at faculty of science 28/9/2011
2  Workshops about the ways of filtering the water o f the industrial drainage at faculty of science in cooperation with the German authority for development 7/12/2011
3 Workshops about the role of the high education in developing the lasting development at faculty of science 2/7/2012
4 Workshops about the contemporary issues in the nutrition in the  Arab World at faculty of agriculture 23-24/9/2012
5 Workshop for discussing the increase of the graduate satisfaction  at faculty of agriculture 7/6/2012
6 keep the employees aware about the society service activities and the environment development at faculty of agriculture 31/5/2011
7 The human development course for the students of faculty of science 20/2/2012
8 The course of the human development, the effective communication and the communication skills at faculty of science 25-26-2-2011
9 Training course about the human development at faculty of science 20/3/2012
10 The course of the first aids for the students and the graduates of faculty of science in cooperation with internal diseases department at faculty of nursing 26/3 and 2/4/2012
11 Training course about securing the work environment in the industrial building at faculty of science 1/7/2012
12 Training day in the human sources at faculty of arts 25/3/2012
13 A tent of the first aids at faculty of nursing 6/5/2012
14 The seminar of the adolescence period and its needs at faculty of nursing 20/3/2012
15 Training course about the first aids at faculty of nursing 3/4/2012
16 Training course about the method of solving problems at faculty of industrial education 9-10/6/2012
17 The first scientific day at faculty of nursing 12/4/2012

3-Studies and the consultations

n The title of the study The executing authority
1 A report about the suggested places which are suitable for establishing farms at the desert areas Faculty of science
2 A Report about the natural cave on the red sea-Sohag road Faculty of science
3 feasibility study about the execution of the secure disposal of the solid residues Faculty of science
4 studying the sandy dunes around the area of the new university Faculty of science
5 studying the development opportunities at Sohag governorate Faculty of science
6 studying the under ground water conditions and its validity for drinking Faculty of science
7 Studying the possibility of assigning a suitable site for the establishment of an under ground well Faculty of science
8 The analyses of soil and water samples for the governmental and the service sectors in the geo chemistry lab, in the genetic engineering center and in the accurate analyses lab Faculty of science
9 assigning  a suitable place for establishing an under ground well in the oils hydrogenation factor, this is in the frame of activating the cooperation protocol with the company Faculty of science
10 studying and evaluating an industrial drainage treating station  in the Pepsi factory Faculty of science
11 A suggestion for developing the treatment of the industrial drainage Faculty of science
12 Analyzing samples from the national authority of sanitary drainage Faculty of science
13 The project of choosing the civil aviation in the international airport of Sohag Faculty of agriculture
14 visiting some apiaries and presenting a technical report about the bees conditions Faculty of agriculture
15 The studies and the services which the technical service center of the water and lands researches Faculty of agriculture
16 .Assigning the infection of the tomato by the viral disease,  and knowing is it from the nursery or from the lasting farm Faculty of agriculture
17 A study about the dangers of the underground water Faculty of science
18 ,.A study about the dangers of the flood and how to protect the university buildings Faculty of science
19 A study about choosing the most suitable place for the establishment of the cement factory in participation with Sohag governorate Faculty of science
20 revising and evaluating the environmental effect of establishing the four season hotel in luxor Faculty of science
21 A Study around the healthy tomb of Sohag governorate Faculty of science
22 The execution of more than 65 reports about the evaluation  OF the sand and the gravels materials in addition to conducting 25 studies for evaluating the existence of the under ground water in the desert areas Faculty of science
23 The execution of the geo technique studies for establishing Residential area Faculty of science
24 studying about the existence of the under ground water on the high dam lake Faculty of science
25 studying the evaluation of the environmental effect for the establishment a general garden Faculty of science
26 replacement of the soil in Akhmim tombsstudying Faculty of science

The camps and the exhibitions

The general service camp

The establishment of the general service camp

1- Arranging the references and the thesis

2-arranging the seats and cleaning the doors and the windows

3-Helping the employees in the post graduate studies and student affairs authorities



The flower exhibition at faculty of agriculture


 Prof Dr Safa Mahmoud Essayed,acting the head of the university and the deans of the faculties opened the flower exhibition which faculty of agriculture established.

The field visits

The visit of the oil hydrogenation company

In the frame of cooperation protocol between faculty of science and oil Hydrogenation Company, a committee  was established and it comprised Prof Dr Ahmed Aziz, the deputy of the faculty for society service, Prof Dr Ahmed Mahmoud Essayed, a prof chemistry department, Mr.Wael Hafez Mahmoud, an assistant lecturer at chemistry department

And Dr Lobna Abe el-Mohsen Abeed, an assistant Prof at

Chemistry department.

The members of the committee visited the factory and met the manager of the factory and the mangers of the other sectors.

Worthy mentioning is that during the visit many problems were discussed such as the problem of the water Sedimentation in the boilers.

The visit of Pepsi factory:

A team from faculty of science visited the Pepsi factory.

The most important result of this visit was that a study about the problems of the sanitary drainage will be conducted.

The visit of the apiaries

Visiting some apiaries and presenting some technical reports about the bees condition

 Assigning the infection of the tomato by the viral disease, is it from the nursery or from the lasting farm

Guiding convoys to gratify the production of the wheel crop

The environmental week

The first environmental week:

The environment development and society service sector organized an environmental week to keep the people aware about the environmental issues.

This week also comprised many activities such as:

Awareness lectures, blood donation campaign, cleanliness campaign and a first aids training  

Fifthly: The medical convoys

1- The medicine convoys:

Faculty of medicine executed 17 medical convoys and two convoys for keep the people aware about the swine flu and the bird flu and another convoy for the vaccinations against the poliomyelitis.

There is also other convoys comprised ophthalmology, pediatrics, dermatology, Venereology, orthopedics, internal medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology.

2-The medical convoys

The faculty executed 9 medical convoys, 6 of them under the patronage of the national council of youth and three convoys under the patronage of the Red Crescent association


The applications of the opinion polls

Through the communication with the civil society institutions, many opinion polls were executed such as:

1- How far the civil society institutions are satisfied with the service which faculty of science presents.

2- The vision of the civil society to insert the topics of the lasting development in the academic curricula, in cooperation with the Swedish agency.

3- A report about how far the faculty gets benefit from the results of the opinion polls.

4- An opinion poll about the status quo of the societal participation and the environment development at faculty of agriculture.

5- An opinion poll to measure the satisfaction of the beneficiaries from the societal service

SeventhlyThe agreements and the cooperation protocols

1-A cooperation protocol with Ard el-Kheer Company

2-The cooperation protocol with the investors association

3- A cooperation protocol with Sohag governorate

4-A cooperation protocol with Apple micro systems company

5- A cooperation protocol with oils Hydrogenation Company

6- A cooperation protocol with the scientific profession syndicate

7-A cooperation protocol with the dangerous residues authority to get rid of the dangerous residues

8- Holding an agreement between faculty of agriculture and fiber Board Company

9- A protocol for the research cooperation between the animal production research institute and

10- Holding a cooperation and work Covenant between faculty of nursing and directorate of the education.

Eighthly: Conferences

-The second conference of the employment

-The first conference of the graduates of faculty of agriculture

– The first conference of the graduates of faculty of science

-The conference of development horizons in Sohag governorate

Ninthly: The issues

The sector issued two magazines which are:

1- The environmental studies magazine

2- Reparation and monumental studies magazine

Means of communication:

Prof Dr Osman Mohamed el-Maghraby-a vice president of the University for environment development and society service affairs.

Sohag University-the third floor

Internal Tel: 2102