Post graduate studies and research sector


The faculty has 73 programs for the post graduate studies, 22 programs grant the diploma and the master degrees in science and PHD in philosophy of science

The faculty also prepared a guide in order to identify the programs which the faculty presents

Enrollment and registration


Article number 18

Post grduate studies diploma

Sohag University grants the post graduate studies diploma in one of the following specializations (mathematics- physics-chemistry-geology-zoology-botany)

The college council also can modernize other diplomas in other specializations according the society needs

Article number 20

One year is the specified period for getting the diploma

Secondly: The master degree in science

Article number 24

Two years, at least, is the specified period for getting the master degree.

These two years are divided into two stages, the first stage the elementary year and the second is the registration year and the student doesn’t move into the second year except he passed the exams of the first year

Thirdly: The PHD in science

Article number 26

To get the PHD the student must follow these rules

1- He must conduct innovative researches for two years at least

2- The student must prepares topics and attend discussions

3-He must present results pf researches the judgment committee accepts



Article number one:


1-The student gets the doctorate in sciences on certain conditions:

He must get the PHD since five years

2- He must present innovative researches, he hasn’t presented before and he also should shows benefits of his researches

The research plan:

The faculty seeks, through the research plan, achieving cognitive and research excellence in the fundamental science field

Moreover the research plan was formulated, in frame of a number of regulators represented in the college policies in the scientific research field

The college administration cares about activating the credibility and the ethics in conducting the researches, through what the pact of profession practicing moral contains


 It is a cultural, educational and social institution aims at collect the sources of information, develop these information, organize them, classify, arrange them, index them and present them to the readers

The goals:

The high scientific qualification and the cultural educational preparation to graduate a national qualified cadres.

The library also is responsible for presenting research services and collect the programs and the tools

Moreover the goals can be summarizes as:

1- Provide the human knowledge sources for all the specializations

2- Develop the library systems so as to agree with the modern developments

3-present the informative and library services to facilitate the ways of search

4-exxchange the university prints with other universities

5-present services for beneficiaries through answering the inquires

6-prepare the suitable atmosphere inside the library

The beneficiaries from the library

1- The students

2- The staff members

3-The researchers

4-The members of the local society

5-The administrative authority at the university


The name of the library: The library of faculty of science

The type of the library: university library

The address: Nasser city-Sohag University-the fourth floor-the service building

The establishment history: 1976

The number of the halls: 9

The tel: 2298

Team work:

Gamal Ahmed Mohamed-     the manger of the library

Abd el-Naim Faraj Abd el-Naim    the librarian

Kawthar Mohamed Sayed              the librarian

Rania Mohamed Mohamed Almesawy        the librarian

Ahmed Youssef Ahmed                  the librarian

Ikbal Gabber Haleem       writer

Awatef Mohamed Abd el-Mawjood

The workers:

Ragb Mohamed Kasem

Mariam Tharwat Demyan

Ahmed Alarby Mahmoud

Ingy Adel Ibrahim

Mohamed Mukhtar Fouad

The departments:

1- Books department


The department The Arabic books The foreign books total
Mathematics and computer 2093 2404 4497
chemistry 546 1647 2193
physics 2270 2651 4921
zoology 433 745 1178
botany 539 1153 1629
geology 553 825 1378
Applied science 392 827 1219
total 6826 10252 17078

2- The scientific theses

1-Master theses: 1500

2- PHD dissertation: 950

3- The scientific periodicals

12000 periodicals

4- Multimedia department:



Digital library project:


1-The library is automated completely

2-All the employees got training on the project

3-you can find the contents of the library on this link,edu.egwww.eulc.

4-All the contents were par coded

5-three computers were purchased, one printer and par code device


1- Providing the library with 109 wheels

2-Providing the library with 170 chairs

3-Provdng the library with photocopying machine

4-Providing the library with three computers

5-Providing the library with 7 fans

6- Providing the library with 1500 books

7-Providing the library with 10 fire extinguishers