Open learning program

The system of the open learning is one of the new methods of education which depends on the scholar freedom in choosing the academic curricula

It is distinguished by making himself depending on himself by using the modern educational methods.

It depends on the existence of the staff members to guide the students academically in registering and extracting the accumulating and the quarterly equations and pursuing the educational course.

The goals of the open learning program:

Providing the high education opportunities for those, who got the secondary school certificate or any certificate equals this certificate, who can complete their education.

Providing the opportunities of getting the bachelor degree.

Developing the modern skills and the culture of the scholars.

Connecting the society with the university so as to provide the programs and the specializations which serve the needs of the society and its different sectors.

Providing the opportunities for the Arab students who want to join the program.

The system of studying at the open learning program

Board of directors

The head of the university Prof Dr Safa Mahmoud Essayed
Vice president of the university for student and education affairs Prof Dr Safa Mahmoud Essayed
Vice president of the university for post graduate studies Prof Dr ——
The manager of the open learning program Prof Dr Kamal Mohamed Sayed Khaleel
The dean of faculty of arts Prof Dr Kareem Mosleh Saleh
The dean of faculty of commerce Prof Dr Mamdouh Sadek Al Rasheedy
The academic coordinator for faculty of arts   Prof Dr Mohamed Raouf el-Goohary
The academic coordinator for faculty of commerce Dr Mamdouh Sadek el-Rasheedy
The university secretary general Mr. Ashraf Alkady