Information center

The executive manger of Information Center

 the executive manager of Information Center
Prof Dr Mahmoud Abu El-Ezz

The vision of the center

1-To be the pioneering center between the Egyptian special and governmental information centers.

2- To be the only source of getting information and knowledge which the university and the society needs.

3-The web site of the center should be always in the top position. 

The mission of information center

The center participates in developing the education system.

It supports the efforts that aim at developing the information awareness.

It presents a web site of a distinguished service with the purpose of satisfying the users.

It provides a main portal for the information connection at the universal, regional and local levels.

It provides an electronic library which provides the information electronically.

It participates in developing the human sources in the information field.

It helps in solving the issues which belong to the high education.

It will set up a unit for the e- learning to support the educational process at the university.

The goals of information center:

Presenting the technical support for all the units and the departments.

Facilitating the connection with the international and national information networks and providing the scientific and the cultural cooperation connectors for the staff members.

Helping the staff members and the researchers in using the networks and the information network and publishing their researches.

Facilitating the communication and transferring the information between the university authorities.

Facilitating the communication between the staff members and the employees.

Helping in updating the financial and the administrative information systems

Helping in designing computer system programs for the universities, the ministers, the institutions and the authorities.

Participating in marketing the services and the consultations which the university presents