The buildings which are added to the residence

The dormitory provides places to assimilate the increasing numbers of students



The buildings which were maintained

Some building were maintained




Develop the kitchens and food halls

The kitchen were prepared and renovated to provide the suitable healthy cooking

Also the food halls were developed



Delegation suites

A suite on the second floor was assigned to the delegated students, as it comprises 18 rooms





Establish the glass halls to hold the seminars and the ceremonies

The glass hall locates in the passage between h building and w building and it was prepared to hold the student activities

Worthy mentioning is that many ceremonies were held in the glass hall

Orphan day

Summer training






Caring about the students of the special needs

A developed suite was established to facilitate the movements of the students also the water closets were expanded

The hostel as well established four centers for the blinds, four libraries and banners written by Braille way









The university established a bakery