About the University



Sohag University is a regional university which has a general strategic aim which is covering the needs of the national and

local labor market from the qualified graduates scientifically and practically.

It also aims at preparing a generation of the distinguished scientists.

Worthy mentioning is that the history of Sohag University extends from the history of the construction of the first faculty which is faculty of education in 1971.

After this the construction of faculty of scinece,faculty of arts and faculty of medicine came ,these faculties were subordinate to Assuit University then they became subordinate to South valley University.

In 2006 Sohag University was set up to comprise all the faculties of Sohag governorate.


The first higher education center in Sohag governorate was the Faculty of Education, established in 1971. In 1975, Faculties of Arts and Science were established.

This center started as a branch of Assuit University 1980 with the establishment of the Faculty of Commerce.

In 1992, Faculty of Medicine was established. In 1995, Sohag Branch became a branch of South Valley University in Qena. In 1996, Faculty of Agriculture was established.

Shortly after President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak’s decree of establishing Sohag University in 2006, Faculties of Industrial Education and Nursing were added to the university.

Finally, in 2008, a presidential decree of establishing Faculties of Engineering and Veterinary Medicine was issued, raising the number to ten faculties
Sohag University Presidential decree (No.129/ 2006) was issued on 19/4/2006 for establishing Sohag University.

Hence, relevant regulations of Egyptian universities law were modified.

Besides, a presidential decree of appointing Prof. Dr. Mustafa Mohamed Kamal as the first President of Sohag University was issued. On 11/6/2008, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Sayed Ibrahim has been appointed President of Sohag University according to presidential decree No. 181, 2008.