Sohag University is one of the regional universities which aim at graduating well qualified graduates scientifically and practically to meet the needs of the regional and the national labor market. Worthy mentioning is that the history of Sohag University went back to the establishment of faculty of science, faculty of arts, faculty of commerce and faculty of medicine which were subordinate to Assuit University

Staff members

The staff members could get many electronic services through this portal, which enable them to get the service faster and better.
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The dormitory was opened in 1973.
The coming students to the dormitory increased because the residence there was very cheap and safe

Conference Attendance Rules

1. The staff members must be passed at least a year for his appointing
2. The staff members must submit the original letter of the research with an abstract of the research in conference's language

 The head’s speech

The head’s speech

The university aspires to be a center for the civilized and the cultural radiation and to get its place on the universal map as a model of the university which gives the education opportunities on the national and local levels. The university also aspires to perform its effective role, in the enlightenment, renaissance and the Lasting development through the programs, the scientific researches and the participation, in solving the society and the environment

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