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355,000 students are performing the first semester exams at the University of Sohag

Dr. Safa Mahmoud El Sayed, the acting president of the university that 355,000 students are performing the first semester exams spread over 33 different locations, where the conduct examinations in the stands and classrooms, noting that the university took all the necessary preparations before the start of the tests enough time to do the necessary preparations, from work tables and modified more than once after taking the opinion of the students.
This came during his inspection tour made by this morning at the headquarters of the new university accompanied by Dr. Mamdouh Sadeq Rashidi, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, to check on the progress of the examinations and the discipline of the Faculty of Commerce.
He warned the acting rector of complacency with fraud cases must be dealt with firmly and that the student, who will control the act of fraud or attempted it will apply the law emphatically and are deprived of the article and the following materials, pointing out that each professor is through art that belonged to respond to all inquiries, while providing all means of calm inside polling stations.
He d. A description that is received pamphlets answer firsthand to be announced early results, adding that he had been providing medical clinic in each faculty as well as a central clinic in the old and the new headquarters.
For his part, Mamdouh Al-Rashidi dean of the college, said that for the first time since returning to the new university is the schedule of the various payments exams where installment least number be in the first period and installment, the most numerous are in the evening to avoid the congestion and overcrowding in the transportation, explaining to provide all means of comfort for students medical service and means of safety and comfort of drinking water.
. It is worth mentioning that for the first time did not start exams at all colleges in the timing of one to avoid the problem of overcrowding in the transfer students through various means of transportation.

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