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New technological services and raising the link speed of a network of information at Sohag University

D said. Safa Mahmoud El Sayed, the acting head of Sohag University, he was raised to link information network and the network of the Supreme Council of Universities speed to 100 MB and so in order to maintain the efficiency of the network and completes the process of development and to ensure the provision of high quality services to the campus community whole Add to keep up with everything that is modern in the world of technology the information.
He d. Mahmoud Abul Magd information network director of the university to the activation of network information secure as better than the previous until all network services application mechanisms he has been providing technology services that benefit the student and faculty member as well as university employees, such as windows deployment services service which activate copies of Windows through formal copies Using Microsoft Dream Spark service to download the software for free through the activation of each individual on the official email links to colleges.
He said in the same context, the full operationalization of the video conference services within the university fully

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