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A press release from Sohag University Hospital

Deliberated means of video media attributed to one who is sick and his parents took him on a trolley outside the hospital and the attendant circumstances and the excesses of the people mentioned the patient, the hospital, the university administration is honored to display the full facts of public opinion:
1. The patient Karim Mohammed Najib attended the evening of Thursday 12.15.2016 and enter the hospital through the reception and was suffering from a double fracture of the right thigh fragmented in addition to breaking the second paragraph of the neck vertebrae. It was decided to enter operations to install the break with a thigh preventive therapy to break the second paragraph of the neck. Has been entered for operations on Thursday to the work of cleaning the wound is not holding the process in view of the overall situation bad that may lead to a risk to his life if made before the preparation of the operation as well decided gentlemen Doctors anesthesia. The patient was presented to the anesthesiologist who reported the seriousness of the health condition that may entail complications during anesthesia may lead to death or injury quadriplegia and decided to be introduced early Sunday morning in six key processes where there are all professors of surgeons and professors of anesthesia, after fears Doctors Alnamadaafat of anesthesia that may occur to the patient may need to put on a respirator if complications occurred, God forbid.
2. Once the knowledge of the people of the patient to postpone the surgery did not understand the medical motives for it and did not give the opportunity for the doctor to explain the medical justification for the postponement of the case, which is ultimately comes to preserve the patient and for the sake of caution about getting hurt this young complications shall be held ridden Alverlh rest of his life. They have verbally assaulted and beaten on the doctor Hassan Mohamed Ahmed operations while he was cracking glass operations room and cracking one Trulyat transfer of patients.
3. The relatives of the patient is directed from the hospital Baltrully and filmed video also appeared in the media and go to the Security Directorate, which Twast security leaders out with Prof. Dr. Dean and Chairman of the Board and who went to the hospital with Dr. director of the reception to the hospital and was asked return the patient to the hospital to complete already cured and returned, but his parents were of the utmost extreme revolution overtaking in the right hospital and Allataba Bagza wordy and the threat to doctors and hospital staff.
4. Minutes of the work has been exceeded for doctors and is now at the disposal of the investigation authorities.
5. Since the entry of the patient and there is a case of stalking physicians of the patient’s relatives were fighting with them more than once the excesses of verbal assaults by hand and this led to the terror and fear of doctors of complications for the patient are assaulting and torturing them.
6. postpone the surgery for the patient happened routinely repeated continuously for medical reasons and this is not a justification for the kidnapping of the patient, and running him out of the hospital and go to the Security Directorate and photographing it and published in the media, which is an insult to the patient of his family before being an insult to the hospital as they are trying to portray the incident and the hospital is not responsible for this disposition of the people and we are more patient for his own safety and privacy as required by medical ethics and the ethics of practice.
7. In the event that the affected patient to postpone the surgery he has to resort to the complaint to the hospital administration and doctors not beaten and assaulted and kidnapped the patient out of the hospital and filmed as it did from the people of the patient.
8. frequented the reception and emergency department between 200 to 300 patients a day are treated medical with them without the bickering and excesses of folks patients occurrence and some cases be more dangerous than the patient mentioned the case be postponed operations for some of them based on medical necessity, and their families beyond such excesses that have not Nahdha since the genesis of the hospital for more than 23 years.
9. hospital ready Medical to deal with this patient needed and hold him in spite of all what happened from the excesses of the right to the hospital and doctors from our moral and professional in order to preserve his life even though we continue to claim the right of those who attacked our children, doctors and abuse unlawfully and intentionally distort this vital facility conducted in the past year more than 43,000 surgery to citizens of the province and neighboring provinces.

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