Virtual Lab

Team work





Prof Dr Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Alsagheer

The deputy of the faculty for education and student affairs


Prof Dr Abd el-Aziz Abd Allah Al Hadad



Prof Dr Laila Hamdan Abd el-Rahman

The head of the committee


Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Ali

Assistant lecturer


Mr. Mahmoud Abd el-Aaleem Ali

Assistant lecturer


Mr. Ahmed Badr Ahmed Osman



Mr. Hassan Abd el-Kadder Abd Alall

The default labs administration


Ahmed Saad Abd el-Rahman

Information network


Khedr Ahmed Bakr

Information network


Salwa Mohamed Ali

The secretary of the labs

The revision and evaluation team





Prof Dr Fayez Mahmoud Alhosary

The dean of the faculty


Prof Dr Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed


The deputy of the faculty for education and student affairs


The deputy of the faculty for environment affairs and society service


The deputy of the faculty for Researches and post graduate affairs


The lab works to give the opportunities to all the students to read all the curricula deeply and scientifically


It also works to discover new knowledge and document the connection between the cognitive content and the cognitive processes




1-Connect the knowledge with the correct scientific belief

2-Achieve many goals of teaching sciences

3-Teach the mysterious and the difficult topics

4-Develop the logical thinking

5-Develop the abilities of noting

6-Increase the under standing of the scientist works and the role of the lab in the industry and invention

7- Increase the directions of the students towards the lab



The default labs

It’s a programming and default environment to conduct the lab experiments by one member or more



The advantages of using the default labs:

1-These labs amend the decrease of the real lab possibilities because of the decrease of the financing

2-The possibility of conducting the lab experiments which cant be executed easily due to its danger on the scholar such as the nuclear energy or chemistry

3- The possibility of covering all the academic curricula ideas by scientific experiments

4-Synchronize between illustrating the theoretical ideas and the scientific application

5-Make the lab experiments available for the scholars any time and anywhere

6-The possibility of conducting the experiments according to the ability of the scholar to understand

7-The ease of experimenting the different coefficients and study their effect on the outcomes of the experiment

8-The possibility of documenting the results of the experiments electronically in order to analyze or treat them

9-Flexiblity in conducting the experiments

10-Support the weak economies by providing the consumed materials such as chemicals

11-Protect the scholar from the dangers of the practical training at the beginning of education stage

12-Protect the patients and the buildings from the wrong excises of the beginners

13-Partenship in building and developing the default labs support the educational process and decrease its cost and participate in cooperation and exchange ideas




The contents of the default labs:

1-An outlet for the lab

2-Server for the accountants

3- Data base contains information depend on the application field such as the first imitation and the experimental notes

4-The units and the methods which are necessary for interacting with them

5-Lab and scientific devices connected to the accounting network such as the devices of the magnetic ringing photocopying or the methods of collecting data from the satellites or the devices of discovering earthquakes 

6- Methods of cooperation and connection such as chat or video conference

7- A program for imitation and data analysis

8-Methods of evaluating the performance of the researcher




2- The computing labs

The labs which depend on using the sensors to conduct the lab experiments


The advantages of the computing labs:


1-Decrease the time of preparing the experiments

2Increase the concentration of the students in the scientific ideas

3-Make use of the student time in answering the questions


The contents of the computing labs:

  1. 1.     Data show
  2. 2.     data studio
  3. 3.     The sensors of the experiment
  4. 4.     USB
  5. 5.     Computer



3 Computer labs

The importance of computer labs


The computer became the language of our age and we can’t live without as the computer provides the students with the basic skills


The general goals of establishing the computer labs:

1- Enable the students to use the modern techniques

2-Provide the faculty with modern computer labs and work on support it by the developed computers

3-Spread the awareness through wiping the computer illiterate

4-Make the students acquire the ability to follow up the massive development in the informative revolution

5- Develop the ability of self education to develop the student practical and scientific abilities

6-Develop the ability of using the scientific method in solving the problems

7-Deelop the innovation talent of the student through using computers

8-Develop the student ability in communicating through the internet to exchange the experiences and the information

9-Develop the methods of learning and education

10-Develop the scientific inclinations of the student and make him used to fill his spare time by exercising useful activities