Genetic engineering Lab


The main directions of the lab:

Conducting the researches in the bio technology and the molecular biological fields.

Developing the human cadres in these fields

Presenting the various services, conducting the studies which depend on the similar enzymes, analyzing the samples of Hepatitis, producing the artificial seeds, studying the genetic change, transplanting the plant tissues and cells and their applications.

Establishing the partnership inside and outside the university.


The scientific services that the unit can present:

In the field of disease detection:

Detecting the virus diseases by the qualitative and quantitative Eliaza and PCR devices

Detecting the tuberculosis by using the methods which depend on the DNA

Conducting the medical analyses which depend on the Eliaza device

In the field of the scientific research


Editing the microbes to deal with the environment Pollutants and getting red of them


Editing the microbes to deal with residues of the sanitary drainage


Developing the methods of transplanting the tissues and the cells and producing the physical hybrids and the industrial seeds


Studying the genetic change under the influence of the different stages of development, differentiation and the stress circumstances


Producing the environmental circumstances and viruses resistant plants


Studying the excitement of the genetic change physically and getting benefit from its applications


Conducting the scientific researches of the viruses and the bacteria.



In the field of training


Train the workers at the special and the governmental sectors on the following techniques:


The bio technology

The molecular biology

The genetic engineering

Transplanting the cells and the tissues

Isolating and studying the proteins

Isolating and describing the plasmid

Transplanting the infectious microbe cells in secure circumstances

Producing the industrial seeds




The vision

The laboratory should be a referential lab for applying the accredited standard criteria and it should has the self innovative abilities in the bio technology and genetics fields and their applications.



The mission

It participates in developing the national sources and gratifying their benefits economically, socially, environmentally through conducting the scientific researches, the training, the education and presenting the technical and the scientific consultations in the applied and cognitive fields which are related to genetics and bio technology.



The strategic goals:

Developing the techniques and the administrative systems to get the international accreditation.


Developing the main structure and raising the academic and technical cadres’ capabilities in the analyses fields which depend on the protein and the nuclear acids.


Spreading the unit culture of the special nature and the knowledge triangle.


Supporting the connectors between the special and the governmental institutions and the laboratories.