Faculty of pharmacy-Sohag university presents a distinguished academic program leads for getting a bachelor of pharmacy in addition to conducting the researches and the services which serve he regional and the local society


Achieving brilliance in the research, pharmacy and educational fields


The faculty aims at graduating a very distinguished graduate to meet the needs of the labor market


1-      Prepare a well-qualified pharmacist

2-      Promote the post graduate studies and the efficiency of the scientific research

3-      Gratify the benefit of the societal participation

4-      The continuous development  of the academic curricula

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The scientific departments:

Pharmacists and clinical pharmacy department

2-drugs department

3- Pharmacy chemistry

4-pharmatecual analytical chemistry department

5-bio chemistry department

5-      Immunity and microbiology department

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The university council grants the bachelor of pharmacy

Article 3

The academic period for getting the bachelor is five years

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