Society health nursing

The vision of society health nursing
To have an educational and informative role in society service and environment health at the national level.
The mission of the department
The staff members of the department work on graduating distinguished graduates for the labor market.
Moreover those graduates can do many things such as participate in spreading the healthy awareness in the society, participate in discovering and solving many common and healthy problems.
The staff members
Name: Thoria Mohamed Mahmoud
Assistant lecturer
Name :Eman Ezz el-Regal
Assistant lecturer

The word of the head of the department

The health of the society is our aim which we seeks to achieve through graduating generations of nursing who have the experience, the skill and the ability to create the connection between them and the society in order to be able to deal with all the classes of the society.

The fields of society service at Society health department:

1-The healthy education at schools to keep the health of the children and teach them the right habits.
2- The healthy education for the pregnant mothers to pass the pregnancy period successfully.
3- Discovering the new cases which need a treatment and a following up through the house visit.
4-Giving some nursing services for the patients in their places.
5-Dicovering the infectious cases early to avoid the epidemic.
6-The healthy education and change the wrong and the inherited customs especially for the elderly.
7-Holding the educating seminars for the rural communities.

Training programs for the department in the following fields:

Educative courses in the schools to make the students a ware of the natural changes which occur in the adolescence stage and the most important problems which occur during this period and how to deal with them.
• Educative courses about the professional health at the factories.
• Educative courses in the care unities of childhood and children to spread the healthy awareness of the mothers during the pregnancy and the birth periods and taking care of the new born children and the most important problems which face the children and how to deal with them.
• Field visits, through which many nursing services are presented.