Gynecology and obestetrics

The vision of the department
The faculty seeks to graduate students capable of competing in the national and international labor market in the healthy care field for the mother and the child.
1-Teaching nursing skills on scientific bases and criteria.
2-Preparing a student able to apply all the nursing criteria scientifically.
3-Balancing between the society needs and the scientific content which is taught.
4-Preparing cadres able to continue the scientific research for every thing new in the nursing and medical fields.

The mission of the department
The department seeks to graduate distinguished students in gynecology field and make them able to present the healthy care for the mother and the baby during the pregnancy, childbirth and after childbirth

The staff members

Name : Dr Noor el-Hoda Mustafa Mohamed
The head of the department


Name: Safa Ibrahim Ahmed
Assistant lecturer


Name: Safa Helmy Mohamed
Assistant lecturer
Name :Amany Ali Ahmed Mohamed
Assistant lecturer

Name: Aza Mohamed Essayed Atwa
assistant lecturer