Adult nursing

The vision of the department

To be distinguished in nursing skills and the scientific researches fields, through concentrating on developing the scientific, practical and networking skills which can be achieved through creating a suitable environment for the needs of the students and the team work at the department.

The mission of the department
The aim of surgical and internal nursing department is preparing distinguished cadres practically and scientifically through the following steps:
1-Teaching nursing skills on scientific criteria and bases.
2-Preparing a student who is able to apply nursing skills scientifically.
3 Achieving the balance between the society needs.
4-Preparing cadres capable of following up the scientific research and every thing new in the medical and nursing fields.

The staff members

Name:  Dr Abd el-Ghany Abd el Nasser Ali

The scientific degree:  The head of the department –Lecturer


Name: Inas Mohamed Abd el-Aal
The scientific degree: Assistant lecturer


Name:Intsar Gad Almaollah

The scientific degree: Assistant lecturer



Name: Asmaa Anis Hassan name

The scientific degree: Demonstrator


Name:Mona Gamal Mohamed Mohamed

The scientific degree: Demonstrator