Contact Us:

Contact Us:

The dean office :

The dean : Prof Dr Eman Abu Diyef

  Internal tel:2714
Direct: 093/4609304
Fax: 093/4602001

The secretariat:Mr. Esam Essayed Fahmy : Tel 2713

The faculty deputies:
Prof Dr  Samia Mohamed Saeed :The deputy of the faculty for Education and Student Affairs-Tel:2374
Prof Dr Tarek Abu el-Ezz:  The deputy of the faculty for Community service and Environmental development-Tel:2374

The faculty administration

Quality assurance unit-Dr Tarek Abd el-Hameed Abu el-Ezz- Internal:2706
Fax and direct:4570195
The faculty secretary
  Mr. Gamal Mohamed Abd el-Hameed -Tel:2713

Authorities’ mangers
  Student affairs authority-Mr. Gamal Essayed Abd el-Reheem -Tel:2928
  Workers affairs authority-Mr. Hassan Mohsen Ahmed Salem -Tel: 2905
  Youth care authority– Mr. Randa Mustafa Mohamed Tel:2904
  Faculty assistant Mr. Khaled Mahmoud Abu el-Wafa Tel:2847
  The network at the faculty– Mr. Mohamed Ramadan-Mai el-Araby- Tel:2928