Solidarity fund services

Paying the academic fees

Purchasing books

Support the nutrition meals

Buying medical glasses

Monthly financial aids for the needy students

The goals of the solidity fund

1-solve the financial problems which face the students through

  • Present the social and financial aids for the needy students

2-acknoledge the needs of the students and try to solve them


How to get benefit from the solidarity fund

The needy student applies to youth care office and illustrate the kind of aid he needs , his reasons and the files which prove this

Types of aids

Food pones

Medical glasses

Provide medicine

The academic payment of expenses or purchase the academic books

The payment of the expenses of the hostels


The required papers and files for getting the aids

  • Copy of the student and his father IDs
  • 2-salary breakdown statement, or agricultural holding statement if he is a farmer , or a letter from insurance office if he is working in a private sector
  • Medical certificate of the student’s father’s disease and his inability to work
  • 4-copy of death certificate if the student’s father’s dead
  • 5- statement of the student brothers if they still in the different stages of education
  • 6- Social paper from the social unit office if it’s the first time  that the student asks for help
  • Declaration that his mother doesn’t work either at private or governmental sectors
  • Report from the medical administration to determine the case of the students if he is disabled