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I next compete for reaching the world cup

Prof Dr Ahmed Aziz, the president of the university, witnessed the final competition of I Next which was held in Intercontinental hotel in Cairo, as 35 governmental and private universities participated in this competition

It is worth mentioning that this competition is qualified for reaching the world cup in San Francisco in the USA

Dr Aziz said that the team displayed three projects through the its specific time

The first project is aqua clay, which is a filter for purifying water and its cheaper than other filters

The second project is fertile waste, which is an organic fertilizer   made of agricultural and vital residues

The third project is Green sky which aims at cultivating the roofs with the daily use crops such as tomato, cucumber, pepper, water cress, parsley and coriander

De Aziz expressed his happiness and his proud after the presentations of the team, as the team presented very well and left a very good impression for the attendees


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