Objectives of the Center

The Center aims to achieve its mission through:

1- Cooperating with the university in carrying out its mission in all fields of education, training, academic research and all other fields in order to solve the real problems inside and outside the university.

2. Strengthening the cultural and scientific ties with universities, institutes and centers related to the Mediterranean civilizations to provide Egyptian researchers with the opportunity for scientific training.

3- Organizing and holding conferences, seminars, workshops and courses related to the nature of the general objectives of the Center such as courses in Mediterranean languages (ancient Egyptian, Coptic, Aramaic, Turkish, Ottoman, Greek, Latin and Italian).

4. Providing the scientific and technical advice.

5 – Training, educating and raising the efficiency and knowledge of individuals.

6. Providing a basic information base related to the activities of the center to meet the needs of researchers and institutions in the community.

7- Developing the environmental and national awareness of the student, researcher and specialist in the field of Mediterranean civilizations and ensuring national guidance for these studies.

8. Issuing an international scientific journal for the Center for publishing researches and articles in the field of Mediterranean civilizations.