The dormitory was opened in 1973.

The coming students to the dormitory increased because the residence there was very cheap and safe



Sohag University established a dormitory for the expatriates, but on certain conditions, as the dormitory doesn’t accept any student otherwise he qualifies the conditions which the dormitory assigns

Worthy mentioning is that the administration some times hires buildings for the students to facilitate their arrival to the faculties. 



The dormitory works on providing the residence ways for the expatriates through the service and supervision staff, as it provides the security and helps the students to overcome the problems which face them through a specialized team of psychological and sociable specialists.

It also works on meeting the needs of the students through the different activities which are held inside the dormitory.

Finally the dormitory decreases the alienation feeling and helps the students to depend on themselves



The dormitory provides the students with different activities and programs

It also promotes the cultural awareness of the students through holding different seminars.

It as well provides the service of hosting the non resident students



1- Providing a suitable place for the expatriates and providing the suitable atmosphere for studying

2-Providing a good nutrition for the students

3- Filling the spare time through practicing sports

4-Benefiting from the human student abilities

5-Developing the loyalty spirit

6- Developing the social, psychological, cultural, sportive, scientific and healthy fields

7- Helping poor students and solving their social problems

9- Strengthening the relation between the dormitory and the students

10- Developing the character of the student and increasing his/her experience



The dormitory provides places to include the increasing numbers of students

 Some building were maintained

The kitchen were prepared and renovated to provide the suitable healthy cooking

Also the food halls were developed

Establishing the glass halls to hold the seminars and the ceremonies

Worthy mentioning is that many ceremonies were held in the glass hall

Orphan day

Summer training

 Caring about the students of the special needs

A developed suite was established to facilitate the movements of the students also the water closets were expanded

The university established a bakery

Services and activities


The hostels are considered the most important authorities at the university, as they provide the suitable residency for the male and the female students.

Many external and internal students reside in the hostel.

The importance of the hostel became greater because the female students can reside in it, as their families consider the hostel as the safest place for their daughters because of the good supervision.

The management of the hostels solves the problems of the students, provides many services which make the life easy and comfort and it promotes and develops the level of the residency.




In the frame of providing a special care for the students of the special needs, the hostel provides the necessary services and a technological center for them.

Secondly: MIS project


The MIS project was executed in the hostel where the students can apply through the web site of the hostel.

This project is considered as one of the best projects in the ministry of higher education, as it gives the expatriates the opportunity to apply on line and save their efforts


The general service center for employing the female students

 The center has many objectives:

1- Participating in preparing the female students to be a good house wife

2-Establishing a unit to train the students on cooking and sewing

There are also two sections in the center:

1-Sewing department

2-Cooking department


Food office:

There is a bakery in the hostel to solve the problems which face food sector

There are food halls in the different buildings

There is a central restaurant



Establishing the developed suite

 Hosting the delegations from the Arab Universities

Also hosting the foreign students 



The dormitory presents other services:

Washing and drying units to wash the blankets and bed sheets

Maintenance unit for the carpentry, electricity and plumbing

Providing a good residence for the students during the summer training

Providing a good residence for the students of open learning


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