Faculty regulation


The Faculty of Arts was established in 1975 according to the Presidential decree (No. 869) as a branch of Assuit University. The study commenced in the academic year 1975/1976. The faculty started with the following four departments:

1- Arabic Language and Literature.

2- English Language and Literature.

3- French Language and Literature.

4- History.

Now, the Faculty of Arts consists of the following seventeen departments:

1- Arabic Language

2- English Language

3- French Language

4- Oriental Languages



7- Sociology

8- Psychology.

9- Mass Communication

10 – Philosophy

11- Library & Information Science

12- Islamic Studies

13- Greek and Latin Studies

14- Egyptian Archaeology

15- Reparation

16- Islamic Archeology

17- English Translation Program

The Mission

The mission of the faculty of Arts, Sohag University, is to provide the community with competent graduates armed with knowledge and skills to cope with the new century challenges enhance values and develop positive concepts about self and others. It is also dedicated to conduct innovative research that serves society needs. Moreover, the Faculty contributes in training programs and participates in research projects.

The vision

Faculty of Arts seeks to enhance and develop its educational programs to meet the international developments by providing curricula with credit hour system and an effective learning environment which meets current and future needs. Also, it Enriches research activities through training young researchers, applying research methodology and spreading the values of creativity and excellence.


1. Achieving faculty mission and vision

2. Providing high-quality educational environment for students to ensure quality at the faculty.

3. Providing competitive educational programs to meet the changing needs of the community.

4. Providing an effective learning environment to make sure that the student has the technical knowledge and basic skills as well as high degree of quality.  

5. Enriching research activities through training young researchers, applying new research methodology and enhancing values of creativity and excellence.

6. Developing and raise the efficiency of the administrative system to cope with the technological development that help facilitate access by beneficiaries to quality service.

Article 1

Faculty of arts, Sohag University consists of the following departments:

1-   Arabic Language

2-   Oriental Languages

3-   Islamic Studies that has three branches:

a-     Persian

b-    Hebrew

c-     Turkish language

4-   English

5-   French

6-   Greek and Latin Studies

7-   History

8-   Geography

9-   Philosophy

10-               Psychology

11-               Sociology

12-               Mass Communication that has two branches

a-     Press

b-    Public Relations

13-               Reparation

14-               Islamic Archeology

15-               libraries

Article 2

Faculty of arts grants the following degrees:

1-    Bachelor’s degree

2-    Master’s degree

3-    PHD

4-    Postgraduate Diploma in one of the following specializations:

a-     English translation from the Department of English

b-    French translation from the Department of French

c-     Persian, Turkish and Hebrew translation from the Department of Oriental Languages

4 – Applied psychology from the department of Psychology.

5. Industrial sociology from the department of Sociology.

6. Social development from the department of Sociology.

7 – Reparation of monuments from the department of Archaeology.

8. Public Relations and advertisement from the department of journalism.

9. Islamic Archaeology.

11. Ancient Egyptian monuments.

11- Libraries and documenting of information from the department of Libraries and Information.

Article 3

Study in the faculty of arts consists of two stages:

1-    Graduate studies

2-    Post-graduate studies

Article 4

Those who pass the graduate studies are qualified for the post -graduate studies

Article 5

Graduate studies qualify students to get master and phd degrees and any other diplomas