E-portal Project

About the Project

Faculty of Arts E-Portal offers the following services:

1.  Providing the undergraduate students with many services  concerning exams, schedules, announcements, etc.
2. Providing the postgraduate students with many services.

3. Providing all members of the faculty with many services.

4. Allowing the private sector and civil society to benefit from the services.

5- Presenting all the services which help the staff members and the students to access the faculty website.

6- Finally, the project presents other important services which enrich the educational process.


1- Establishing an electronic portal for the faculty in both Arabic and English.
2- Presenting a number of services to the students, staff and civil society.

3- The electronic portal’s major goal is to provide all sectors with all the electronic services.


Asmaa Mohiy Eddin Ahmed Ahmed

Eman Khalf Mahmoud