Digital Library Project




The unit seeks to present all available services  to cope with the  labor market’s needs 




The project seeks to achieve the following objectives:


– Setting up a national index for the contents of the Egyptian universities


– Establishing a data base for the university theses


– Providing information sources


– Establishing a unified national catalog of Egyptian university libraries’ holdings.


– Creating a database for the academic theses approved by the Egyptian universities, as well as thesis under study.


– Mechanizing work procedures’ and activities’ within libraries including research, borrowing,  and other operations that will save the time and effort of the

beneficiaries as well as those working in the libraries.



 1-Searching in the indexes of the Egyptian Universities which contain the bibliography data of the contents


2-Searching in the universal data base which contain the most famous scientific articles


3-Publishing the scientific researches through the sub system of the electronic publication of the scientific periodicals


4-The service of delivering the documents


5-Sending the notes and the suggestions to the responsibles


6- Presenting training on how to use the universal data base and all the electronic information sources


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Digital Library Project