German language center


The university, in cooperation with Goethe institute, decided to set up a center for teaching the German language.

Moreover the institute qualifies the instructors to present a distinguished level which give the scholars the opportunity to pass the exams of Goethe institute and get an accredited certificate.

The center aims at serving a great sector of those who want to study the German language, such as:

The students of the Egyptian Archaeology department:

The students of this department studies the German language for three years so they can improve their language by joining the center to qualify them to work in the tour guidance

The students of the open learning:

The majority of those students didn’t study the German language before, so that the center presents courses for the beginners followed by courses for the specialists.

The students who studies German at schools:

Those can continue their study at the center

The students of different faculties:

The center presents courses for the beginners who didn’t study German before.

The assistant of the staff members:

The center presents courses for the assistants of the staff members who are nominated for the scholarships, the center also presents condensed courses for those who want to get the course as a condition for granting or registering the PHD.

For the external scholars:

They can join the center as a way of activating the role of the university in serving the civil society

The staff members:

Very specialized teachers teach in the center, as they are chosen by Goethe institute and the center make them qualified by sending them to Germany to attend workshops about teaching the German language.

The academic books:

The center is committed to teach the same academic curricula of the institute.                                                   

                                                                          The exams:

The center, in cooperation with Goethe institute, prepare the exams of each level and the scholar should pass these exams, and this is under the supervision of the teaching staff at the institute.

The certificates:

The students who passed A.1.1-A.1.2-A.1.3 levels, will be granted approved certificates from the center.

The students who passed A.1-A.2-B1-B2 levels, will be granted approved certificates from the institute.

Those who don’t want to complete the study can get a certificate, from the center and display the number of the hours which they studied.

The activity of the center:

The center aims not only at teaching the German language but also it cares about the cultural activity which gives the scholars the chance to acknowledge the German civilization through displaying movies, distributing the published papers and holding the seminars, the workshops and  holding the meetings with the German professors.

The different kinds of the language courses

The beginner courses-the duration of the course is 8 weeks

The scholarship courses-the duration of the course is 11 weeks

Registering or granting the PHD-the duration of the course is 4 weeks

The tourist guidance –the duration of the course is 8 weeks


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