Agricultural Extension and Rural sociology Department`s Objectives

Department`s Objectives
The Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Society seeks to achieve academic and institutional excellence at the local and global levels through a number of procedural goals:
– A comprehensive inventory and field survey of the problems of the rural community in the region and its environs, in relation to the economic aspect.
– Identifying the most prominent developmental solutions related to the social aspect and presenting them in the form of curricula and research papers for students and researchers of the program in a way that qualifies them to participate effectively in community development.
– Activating the role of agricultural extension by holding the necessary training for farmers and extension workers to reach the highest efficiency for disseminating modern scientific ideas in the agricultural field to reach the best economic synthesis of agricultural production.
– Preparing trained technical cadres to activate community participation and the development of rural youth and rural women and activate them in all areas of development in a manner that increases the efficiency of their participation in the renaissance of society.
Providing technical and scientific advice to all farmers and investors in the agricultural sector in the field of entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector in a way that serves the fruitful cooperation between the university and its surrounding community in which it operates as an engine for development.