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  • The hostels are considered the most important authorities at the university, as they provide the suitable residency for the male and the female students.
  • Many external and internal students reside in the hostel.
  • The importance of the hostel became greater because the female students can reside in it, as their families consider the hostel the safest place for their daughters because of the good supervision.
  • The management of the hostel solves the problems of the students, provides many services which make the life easy and comfort and it promotes and develops the level of the residency.
  • In the frame of giving a special care for the students of the special needs
  • The hostel provides the necessary services and a technological center for the students of the special needs
Secondly: MIS project
  • The MIS project was executed in the hostel, as the students can apply through the web site of the hostel.
  • This project is considered as one of the best projects in the ministry of higher education, as it give the expatriates the opportunity to apply on line and save their efforts
Contact U
  • The count on the face book: Almodon Aljamaiia Sohag University
  • The email of the hostels :
  • The email of the
  • The address: The Arab republic of Egypt The general authority of Sohag University hostels Sohag governorate-Nasser city
  • Tel: internal: 2163
  • Fax: 093461229